World Domination Faction LTQ!

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World Domination Faction LTQ!

Post  SLICK50 on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:15 am

New Feature incoming: World Domination Faction LTQ!
Greetings All!

World Domination is almost upon us, and we have a new feature planned that we want you all to know about: World Domination Faction LTQs!

These will be two series of missions that you can complete with your faction as part of World Domination. And the rewards? The rewards are the most powerful units that have ever been added to the game. Here are the details:

The first chain (normal mode) will have the following steps:

Goal 1: Win 1 War

Goal 2: Win 2 Wars

Goal 3: Win 3 Wars

Goal 4: Win 5 Wars

Goal 5: Win 8 Wars

Goal 6: Win 12 Wars

Goal 7: Win 18 Wars

Goal 8: Win 25 Wars

Goal 9: Win 35 Wars

Goal 10: Win 50 Wars

This is the total number of wars, and is cumulative from goal to goal. So at goal 2, you have already won one war, and only need to win one more to complete goal 2.

The second goal chain (Prestige mode) requires the following:

Goal 1: Win 2 Wars in a Row

Goal 2: Win 3 Wars in a Row

Goal 3: Win 4 Wars in a Row

Goal 4: Win 5 Wars in a Row

Goal 5: Win 6 Wars in a Row

Goal 6: Win 7 Wars in a Row

Goal 8: Win 8 Wars in a Row

Goal 9: Win 9 Wars in a Row

Goal 10: Win 10 Wars in a Row

These goal streaks are not cumulative, and the streak begins when the player gets the goal. So for example, if a faction wins 2 wars in a row and completes Goal 1, they now have to win 3 additional wars in a row for goal 2.!


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